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About National Human Right and Law Assosiation

National Human Rights & Law Association is a collective of Human Rights students, Degree Holders, Law Practitioners etc. to advance

Human Rights by awareness in rural areas of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other sub-continent of India. NHRLA collaborates with human rights group

to train the people to challenge exploitation and discrimination against any individual or group on the ground of caste, gender, religion, health,

education and social status. Encourage the people to express their appreciation of human rights friendly behavior of police. It is our duty to play in

propagating the human rights culture, and in educating the general public on human rights.

Knowledge Center

What are human rights?
What is the source of human rights?
What is meant by the universality of human rights?
Who defines human rights?
Are some human rights more important than others?
Is the list of human rights fixed for all time?
Who bears the duties relating to human rights?

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Divorce Cases - 95%
Local Asset Management - 68%
Health Insurance - 82%
Business Law - 88%
Health Insurance - 66%
Estate Planning - 95%

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