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Kamran Alam (Adv.) Bihar Secretary

B.SC., LL.B, P.G. Diploma in Human Rights

Designation : Bihar Secretary (NHRLA)

He is an energetic and self motivated person, having more than 10 (ten) years experience in the field of documentation on Human Rights, Fact Finding, women and child rights, advocacy for promotion and protection of Human Rights issues. Currently he is developing network of lawyers and human rights students in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh for Human Rights work. Since 1980s’ there has evolved a novel type of mechanism for the protection of human rights of the poor, distressed, exploited and disadvantaged groups of people. This is popularly known as Public Interest Litigation (PIL) or Social Action Litigation (SAL) or Social Interest Litigation (SIL).

The Suprime Court of India has recognize and entertained Public Interest Litigation enabling the public spirited citizens and the Human Right Activists to fight for protection and enforcement of Human Right of the poor and the socially and economically disadvantaged people who have no access to move the court on their own.

The Scope of right to equality and the right to life and personal liberty have caused wider areas like “right to speedy trial, Free legal aid, Right to live with dignity, Right to earn livelihood, Right to education, housing, medical care, clean environment, solitary confinement, exploitation and the like.

The Suprime court of India with liberal interpretation and through the literal use of the PIL mechanism has sought to protect human rights by democratizing access to justice filed by public spirited citizens and Human Right Activists on behalf of the poor, disadvantaged and weaker sections of the community by providing interim relief to the victims and aggrieved person through payment of compensation or other relief, as well as by judicial monitoring of Jails, reformatory homes, juvenile homes, police station etc. In several cases of violation of Human Rights the supreme court has appointed “commission of Inquiry” or has deputed officers for investigation and fact finding. By exercising this new type of “Investigation Litigation” the supreme court and the high court sought the assistance of NHRC, CBI and other expert bodies and N.G.O. to investigate into violation of Human Rights.

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