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P.G. Diploma in Human Rights

Designation : Board Member

He is an energetic and self motivated person, having more than 5 (five) years experience in the field of documentation on Human Rights protection and education on Human Rights issues. According to Mr. Rajiv information about human rights should be disseminated through brochures, booklets, lectures and other means is very effective to enhance human right education. Information should be printed in simple language and phrased in short, concise manner. Community communication channels should be established to offer the community the opportunity to discuss issues of interest to them with the NGOs. It is very important to discuss human rights with people through simple ways. Without the involvement of all segments of society, it is very difficult to promote changes in social conditions. National issues forums and public inquiries should be promoted. National issues forums and public inquiries should be promoted. Countries should prepare national human rights plan.

In the field of civil liberties, some material improvements have been brought about in the post- independence period. The higher judiciary, the free press and the voluntary non-governmental organisations have succeeded to considerable extent in protecting and promoting the fundamental rights of the people.


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